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About First Scar Clinic

We offer treatment of all kinds of scars and keloids, acne treatment, laser hair removal, micro-needling, dermal fillers, fat reduction, non-invasive face-lift, chemical peeling, facials, removal of moles and other lumps and bumps, and treatment of all kinds of skin, hair and nail disorders.

FIRST scar clinic and Dermatology service is a new facility to provide a dedicated service for the treatment of all kinds of scars, small and big, atrophic and hypertrophic as well as keloids. We aim to improve the outlook of acne, surgical, traumatic and burns scars using a wide range of treatment modalities including state of the arts lasers, medical and surgical techniques. We also aim to provide treatment of general skin diseases of the highest standards available. The lead dermatologist, Dr Mohammad Khurshid Azam Basra who is currently working as consultant dermatologist at the NHS England will endeavour to provide a level of medical dermatology care to match UK standards.

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