Dr. Khurshid Azam Basra
is not a new name in the field of dermatology and skin care treatments. Having completed his graduation from King Edward Medical College and post graduate dermatology specializations from the renowned Cardiff University UK, he also has numerous researches and journal publications under his name.

He not only has a thorough and comprehensive experience in the practical field of dermatology while specializing in development and validation of psychometric tools to assess the quality of life of dermatology patients, clinical decision making, and medication compliance, but also has teaching experience under his sleeve.

With a firm belief in his techniques and practice, Dr. Basra ensures that he can change the life of a patient by taking care of his scars and skin problems. He has put together a team of handpicked gems in the dermatology practice, Dr. Basra presents you the solution that you all have been waiting for.

Dr. Basra wishes to serve the people in Pakistan through the use of advanced techniques that he has learned over the years as a result of his training and working experience abroad. He wishes to bring skin treatments of international standards and level to the people of Pakistan, so that they also get the best services in the world. However, he is gracious enough to provide these services at a cost that is suitable, affordable and budget friendly for the local people. Now, they can also get international standard services and treatments. He specializes and authorized to provide a variety of skin care services and treatments such as:

Acne scars and Keloids
Treatment of burn scars
Laser hair removal
Skin whitening
Melasma treatment
Treatment of skin diseases

So what are you waiting for? Having skin issues, you know where to find us!

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