When it come Everyone wants to look perfectly flawless without makeup but scars and acne can be the major barrier in achieving the dream look. Although believing to have that glossy magazine cover skin naturally is the biggest myth but there is much that you can do to make your skin look ideally perfect. All that you need to have concerns about is the hair and black/whiteheads on your skin, the dead skin cells, acne and scars that result in damaging your skin permanently.

Having scars, acne or freckles is common as they are mostly caused by excessive exposure to sun, heat, intense light, unhealthy diet, excessive use of certain food items, hormonal imbalance, emotionally ups and downs, broken heart or even in some cases due to broken bones. If you are looking to have an ideal skin, you need to make sure that you are avoiding all the above said; paying full attention to your diet and emotional health and if required having proper treatments.

Among these many skin problems in Pakistan, scars are the most common. Scars are caused when the skin tissues are damage to a great extent resulting in changing the physical texture of skin. Scars can be a result of a physical trauma or a mental stress for a long time. if you are not taking care of your scars properly, you may end up having unsightly and thick and itchy scars that are also known as Keloids. If you have ended up having torn skin due to your carelessness in treating the scars, you may need to go through a surgically and physician utilized techniques to reduce these scars.

Types of Scars:

There are no types of scars and the appearance of the scar depends on the type of the wound or damage that is caused to the skin at first place. There are also some genetic factors that are involved in the formation of the scar.  Because of this the type or condition of the scar is different from one person to another. It also means that not all the scar treatments of DIY tips are workable for all, in terms of treatment of scars. Thus if you have any kind of scar and you want it treated, you must consult an expert to find what treatments suit your specific case.

How Do Professionals Diagnose Scars?

Professional are the people who are well trained with in-depth knowledge about scars and all the underlying factors that are involved in the scarring process. However, scars are always diagnosed with the visual inspection followed by some tests and physical assessment of each case. There can be chances when the scars will be examined under a microscope to find the true identity of the root cause of scar.

What are the Possible Treatments for Scars?

As scars are a part of the normal healing process of skin, scars at initially level do not need any treatment but care is always suggested. However, Keloids are the worse condition of the scar and are required to have special attention. These, if not treated well, can result in unpleasant distortion and with serious damage to the structure of the skin.

For the treatment of Keloids, you need to consult a skin specialist in Pakistan to help you deal with the problem. After the treatment, the Keloids and thick scar flatten. This treatment generally includes injections with abrasive procedures to sand down the raised scars.

There are certain types of scarring that respond well to the laser treatments while other do well with specific surgical treatments or cosmetic procedures. Which of these available treatments are better for skin is decided by the acne and scar experts. But in the most general context, people feel hesitant about going to the cosmetic surgeons or skin specialist for treatment of their skin and hair issues. People, specifically in Asian region can be seen preferring DIY tips for any kind of skin and hair care, which end up worsening the situation resulting is permanent loss of smooth and elegant looking skin/hair.

Here are the top most commonly found myths about the laser hair care or laser skin treatments that needed to be avoided right away to have a secure and effective treatment for any kind of skin issues.

First Myth- Laser Exposed Radiations

This is completely wrong; it’s been a long time laser treatments are introduced to the field of skin/hair treatment. The laser has been found to be a secure way to treat unwanted hair and also for certain skin treatments. The Laser treatments involve the use of Light and not harmful ionizing radiations. To the fact, normal sunlight has more radiations than what is used in modern medical laser treatments.

Second Myth- Laser is Dangerous for Health

This is wrong. The way the laser is introduced to your skin during treatment can bring no harm to the health. During laser treatments, the light penetrates only 1 to 4mm in the skin. This is the reason why only superficial hair is treated on the skin as the light cannot go deep into the roots to destroy the hair growth. This is the reason why no professional guarantees removal of hair or scars with one-time laser treatment rather it comes in sets of sessions to get rid of the problem completely. In this way, it is also obvious that the laser light won’t go deep into the skin or reach any organ of the body and thus cause no damage to the skin.

Third Myth- Laser Causes Burns:

Selective-thrombolysis of what every modern laser treatment is based on. It means that the laser light acts as a bullet and searches and destroys the intended target cells only. It means that the laser with a green light will only be absorbed by red colour in vessels. This is the reason it is used to remove the abnormal vessels in birthmarks, in eyes, in broken veins in diabetics.

Just like any other medication of treatment in the world, there can be some side effects but there are minimal as no chances for burns if you are treated by experts who own perfect and latest technology machines.

Fourth Myth- Laser Treatment Hurts:

With the most advanced scientific methods, you may feel a bit of warmth during the treatment, but that would be bearable. Also if you are about to have treatment for a highly sensitive skin or sensitive areas of your body like underarms or bikini line, you may need to apply anaesthetic creams before starting the treatment. But in any case, there are no chances of hurt or burning feeling.

Fifth Myth- Laser Makes the Skin Thin:

It is completely opposite to the fact. In actual laser thickens the skin after treatment. Skin is actually living tissues and the slight heating during the laser treatment resulting in inducing new collagen formatting an elastration and replacing the older and damages tissues of the skin with the new and vibrantly live tissues.

This is the reason why after you have a laser treatment you can feel a rejuvenating effect with reduced wrinkles and making the skin look plumper. Once again, if you have booked your appointment with the best dermatologist that offers scar removal in Pakistan, he will have the idea of exact amount to treatment for your skin to deliver the desired results.

Medical sciences are getting advanced day by day and are comprehensively working to introduce procedures and techniques to make you live long and healthy. The same way Laser acne and scar treatment are based on comprehensive studies and scientific investigations to make sure that you have had the right amount of treatment for all kind of skin and hair care problems.

Above mentioned are some of the myths that are carried by people and retrain them to have a healthy looking and perfectly flawless skin. By abolishing these myths you can start your journey to a healthy-looking skin with the help of laser treatment today.

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